Arival announced last Friday that they are postponing their Phoenix September event. The organizers of the in-destination event informed registered attendees via email that ‘Arival Phoenix 2020 has been revamped, renamed and rescheduled to November 1-4, 2020.’

Arival Phoenix 360

Arival Phoenix 2020 has been revamped, renamed and rescheduled to November 1-4, 2020.’


The event now called Arival Phoenix 360 is to be simultaneously streamed live around the world.  Due to local regulations, Arival is currently capping attendees at 400.  This is a far cry from the 1000+ tour, activity, and attraction professionals who usually attend their events in the US. Tourpreneur understands there are 249 attendees currently registered. The remaining 151 spots will be sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.’

The revised dates for Arival Phoenix 360 clash with the annual WTM travel industry event in London, creating a dilemma for many industry professionals. The new dates also coincide with the US presidential election.

We knew we had to push back the dates for a number of reasons, starting with giving more time for clarity about COVID and giving operators more time to cash in on the fall season.

Bruce Rosard, Arival COO and Co-Founder

Bruce Rosard, COO of Arival added: “Looking at all possible dates mid-Oct to mid-Nov these became the only dates that worked with the venue.”

“With a smaller crowd expected and the challenges of international travel, we decided that a date conflict with WTM was ok this year. The election is huge of course. I expect The great majority of states will have mail in balloting, but if not in your state stay and vote!

Many attendees cite in-person networking as the number one reason for attending Arival. The organizers hope to cater to this through their virtual conferencing platform, which they claim offers ‘open and structured’ networking opportunities where attendees from Phoenix and around the world can organize virtual meetings. ‘

Arival is hosting a one-day virtual summit on June 25th, giving those who register an opportunity to try out the platform.

We are already working really hard on the virtual event as well, with a few test runs to prove our networking model including our upcoming Virtual Summit. A little bit less than 4 months to go and a lot can change, stay tuned! 

Bruce Rosard, Arival COO and Co-Founder

In the same email, Arival also informed attendees of an update to its terms and conditions.

Cancellations outside of 60 days are subject to a $100 admin fee.  Cancellations received inside 60 days of the published event start date are subject to loss of all monies paid.

Having canceled their Berlin and Bangkok events due to COVID-19 earlier in the year, Arival clarified their position in case restrictions are imposed at the time of Arival Phoenix 360 by the government due to the pandemic.

If the event is canceled because of quarantine/travel restrictions, then Arival ‘shall have the right to select an alternate date, and the attendee agrees to participate per the terms and conditions herein.’  The condition also applies if there are restrictions in place in several states outside of Arizona.

From Arival’s Terms and Conditions:

A Force Majeure event specifically includes the following:

  • If a local, county or state governmental authority issues any order or recommendation: (i) for individuals in the State of Arizona or in Maricopa County to limit their time away from their residence or property (except for essential activities, functions, and businesses); (ii) for persons arriving at any airport in Arizona from any one or more major U.S. cities or metropolitan areas (population greater than 1,000,000) to isolate or self-quarantine for any period of time (even if subject to certain exceptions); (iii) for bars or restaurants in Arizona or in Maricopa County to close access to the public for indoor drinking or dining; or (iv) to restrict public gatherings in enclosed spaces to less than 400 people in Arizona or Maricopa County; or

  • If a local, county or state governmental authority in either of the states of California, New York, Florida, Texas, Colorado, Georgia or Nevada issues any order or recommendation for residents of the state or of any major city or metropolitan area within the state to limit their time away from their residence or property (except for essential activities, functions and businesses).
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